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Instructions for Use

Read all instructions before using ANUPAD™.


• Always start with a clean bum… before you apply any ointment, cream or ANUPAD™.

• Use a moist washcloth or pre-moistened wipes.


STEP 1: Hold one ANUPAD™ against one side of your Tuck-it™ Tool.

STEP 2. Wrap the ANUPAD™ over the edge of the Tuck-it™ Tool.


It's easy - but it takes some practice to position it. You get best results by centering ANUPAD™ directly over your anus.

STEP 1: Standing, from your front, reach between your legs.

STEP 2: Gently place the ANUPAD™ between your buttocks.

STEP 3: Bend your hand at the wrist and gently push towards your anus until the ANUPAD™ is seated comfortably all the way in.

TIP: While pushing ANUPAD™ in, gently rock the Tuck-it™ Tool forward and back to help tuck the ANUPAD™ all the way in.

STEP 4: Gently pull the Tuck-it™ Tool out leaving ANUPAD™ behind.


ANUPAD™ can be left in place for up to eight hours. Flip the Tuck-it™ Tool over and use it like a finger to push ANUPAD™ out.


Use your fingers and grab one edge of ANUPAD™ and pull it out.

Discard ANUPAD™ by wrapping it in toilet paper and placing in the trash.


Use ANUPAD™ to apply your ointments and creams.

Apply a dollop of your cream or ointment along the folded edge of your ANUPAD™ before inserting it.

TIP: Most people usually apply too much cream or ointment per use.

Try using less. You'll find that the ANUPAD™ does a good job of disbursing smaller amounts of your ointment, and you'll get the same level of relief from your ointment or cream.

Use ANUPAD™ with any brand of witch hazel medicated cooling pads.

Stack your witch hazel pad right on top of an ANUPAD™ and you'll get the same relief from your witch hazel pad and the ANUPAD™ soaks up any excess liquid so your underwear stay dry.

Apply witch hazel directly to ANUPAD™

Apply the Witch Hazel to just the center of ANUPAD™

Double Up for bigger protection - Double Thick or Double Wide

Stack two ANUPAD™ directly together and insert (concentrates absorption).

Stack two ANUPAD™ together staggered and insert (increases protected area).



If your condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days, stop use and consult your doctor.

Keep out of reach of children.

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