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An idea turned upside down…

Like most people, when I first started having anorectal problems, I really didn’t understand what was happening to my body. Back then, Google didn’t exist to help me research the problem privately like we can today, so I had to help myself because I was way too embarrassed to talk to my doctor. I used Preparation H regularly and always wound up with a mess in my shorts. I wanted a shield to prevent the mess so I started tucking folded toilet paper “up in there” after applying my ointment. The shield idea seemed to work great until the toilet paper started disintegrating after just a few minutes. It made an even bigger mess in my shorts than just using the ointment itself. Adding to my frustration, it was not easy to get that folded wad of toilet paper “up in there” far enough and stay put with my finger. Many times after I got it “up in there”, the rough skin on my finger just pulled it out again when I removed my finger. And yeah, putting my finger in my… wasn’t much fun either!

To get the level of protection I wanted so I never had to worry about it, I needed a soft absorbent pad that didn't dissolve easily and a way to tuck it in place. I researched and tried lots of pad materials to find one that was hygienic, comfortable, and sturdy enough to last for hours of use and still be pulled out in one piece. After settling on the perfect material and shape for the pad, I was still inserting it with my finger…

I needed an extension of my finger. The rubber shape on the Tuck-it™ Tool was designed to mimic the shape of your finger with a plastic blade to extend it’s reach, keeping your real finger out of your… But the original idea was to insert the pad with it wrapped over the rubber finger. By accident one day I turned the tool upside down and discovered that it worked PERFECTLY with the smooth blade just slipping out and leaving the pad behind. So the final design turned out to work the opposite of how I originally thought it should!

I use ANUPAD™ all the time. When I ride my bike (what a difference it makes!), when I’m stuck for hours on an airplane, or just going to the movies for a few hours. I’m always comfortable and protected, there’s no mess in my shorts, and NOBODY knows I’m using it!

People ask me how I’m so comfortable talking about this embarrassing stuff. It’s because I’ve created something I use myself, and I really believe it will make your life better if you use it too!

Discover ANUPAD™ and Tuck-it™ Tool for yourself!

Bill Stine

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